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This community is devoted to Miyake Ken and aims to be a prime source for all your KenKen-obsessive complulsive and squeeing needs. We love his hair, his bands, the fact we can easily pick his voice out in songs, his PUPPY-DOG FACE OF DOOM, and everything else you can possible cram into 166cm of grade-A Johnny manflesh.

For a more in-depth profile: KiraKira Ken.

  • Include Ken in every post, duh. Other members of V6 are more than welcome, but Ken NEEDS to be there.
  • Share pictures, performances, graphics and other Ken-related paraphernalia. Stimulation is goooood.
  • LOVE Ken and things associated with him in good ways.

  • Bash anyone or anything. No bashing of Ken, members of V6, members of Johnny's in general, or other members of the community. We invite sarcasm, but not nastiness. And believe it or not, they are distinguishable.
  • Spam the community or only post one-line posts. We reserve the right to delete entries deemed certifiably stupid.
  • Leave large pictures or entries without an lj-cut.
  • Advertise other communities or websites. You are welcome to cross-link content to them. Interested affiliates may contact either insomnikat or asiyakei.

  • If you absolutely insist on doing an INTRO POST, do please include your top 3 (and no more than 10) of your favorite Miyake-centric pictures and/or video clip.
  • Feel free to cross-link back to entries on your own journal.
  • Feel free to promote the community.
  • In fact, I command thee to GO FORTH AND SPREAD THE KEN LOVE!

    Miyake Ken Miyake Ken Miyake Ken Miyake Ken Miyake Ken

    Miyake Ken Miyake Ken
    Miyake Ken Miyake Ken Miyake Ken Miyake Ken

    This is a fan-community and we will not stick our foot up our arses by professsing to be experts on Miyake Ken or V6. We have no claim of ownership or affiliation with Johnny's Entertainment (though surely SOME PEOPLE out there are being paid for this kind of endorsement?). This community survives only by the participation of its members through which it then gradually and discretely drains their souls in pursuit of a greater cause by the name of one Miyake Ken. So be active! Be involved! STAND UP AND BE PROUD of your love for vocal chords that never developed in puberty!

    Thank you for visiting, and we do hope to see you around. Have fun! And remember: Miyake Ken = ♥


    Morita Daily

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